On the subject matter of “With the Victimized, White, Upper-Middle Class Male”

You may remember my poem by the title of, “With the Victimized, White, Upper-Middle Class Male”. The title alludes to one man’s self identification, and the body holds one girl’s sentiments in response to that man’s action.

The general phenomenon exists outside of all these particularities, however, and I’ve finally addressed the phenomenon itself in essay rather than art. While I’ve wanted to share my opinion, Facebook has seemed too relational a platform for the impersonal natures of the poem and essay, neither of which are meant to “be about” specific people, interactions, or relationships.

So now, pardon my prose.Read More »


The sands of time are falling,
and the weaver, she is calling
us to this quilt she’s sewn sublime,
and I’m trying to step in time.

The hands of time keep ticking,
and I’m finding myself wishing
that I could just slow it down,
or at least keep you around.

I will hold the hands of time
if you will hold mine,Read More »