Christian School Kid

Child of the dark, given a magic prayer and some commands,
who picked up confusion, legalism on the way,
trying not to doubt their magical prayer,
wondering why it won’t prompt the ways they said you’d change.

Afraid to trust, forbidden to not,
unsafe on either plane,
child of fear’s of hopelessness, and as such, of shame.Read More »

Lessons on How to Be Okay

You, my first love with your padding to my room to draw
a mural with me, with my three-years-behind-yours fine motor skills.
Green easel- hodgepodge I never erased.
You, with your independence, hero-power, and readiness,
senior trips and friends I always joined but never made.

“How was it letting the class freak be on top?”Read More »


When the sun dried up the moss, and the sea washed over it,
a thick, pale, green milk pooled into your eyes,
and your olive, tan skin glows, and your wispy hair shines,
and you’re too pretty to be any older than a child,
but you didn’t stay a child long anyways, did you?
And when you grow up fast, do you grow much at all?
You are a cowering six feet tall!
But you’re too bold to remain so shy,Read More »

Mirror, Mirror

There was a little girl I knew, with vibrant, dancing eyes;
A slender, graceful, little girl, with skin pulled taut that shined;
A careful, hopeful, spirited child with hair that flew behind;
A princess in a castle soon locked up, constrained, confined.
…Just trying to understand her land.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall,
Are skin-thick walls too strong to fall?
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall,Read More »