The Welcoming

Losing skin cells,
growing more-
part of daily human life.

I charge toward your heart from your outer layer,
constantly fearing
being shed,

running into nothing but
another, another
layer of skin.

I stood
finally-Read More »

Stained Glass

Whisper words like “virgin” and watch
as images dance through their minds

of white satin gloves,
of innocent deer,
of crystal clear glass.

Write it on my i.d. or social,
but leave it off my nametag, please,Read More »


Love is a jerk,
a cruel-hearted beast

with a gap-toothed grin
and a cigarette.

Tossing his arm around your shoulder-
the friendliest bloke on the block,
don’t you know-

he opens his jacket to get you to try things
that you’d never dare
if ol’ love were not there.

You follow him home for his company;
He locks you in his house

as he leaves.