I grab my corpse by her hair and yank

I grab my corpse by her hair and yank
her onto her feet, slam her into a tree,
‘til the bark cuts her back so she’s hanging thereRead More »

Grief (Christmas Eve)

When the black butterflies come
with their razor wings that make you bleed,
and they darken the horizon as far as eye can see,

(And the black butterflies come,
with their razor wings that scratch and screech
on the chalkboard of your heart, to start to suck the nectar out…)Read More »

Rooftop Morning

I wondered what calm was, so guessed at what was calm.
I investigated- sunrise, sunset?

But such vivacity should not surprise me from a ball of fire.
This dawn is more alive than the people of this city.

It is raring for a fight, while empty souls hold zombie eyes.

This is where the war takes place.

It wants to wake them up.Read More »


O Lord!
Someone, stop it!
The thing I would end if I could but I can’t
because I am not in control. God,
help us. Why do you let this be?

For I have heard the roar of an inhale exhale human distress
twice. I have held despair that can’t get up
off my lap, have seen anguish,
and I do not have I can I should
not, not. I, why-Read More »