My poetry takes the raw materials of life and language and rearranges them; Whether dealing with ideas, images, irony, or sounds, I separate, gather, bring to the forefront, or expose.

Rather than merely saying things, I enjoy the task of doing things with my words- evoking a mood or helping people find their voice in ways that not only resonate with but also surprise them.

I aim, therefore, that even my darkest work be dark in a beneficial way- not that it would glorify the evils of life, but rather that it would paint experiences clearly, so that people may express, see, or react to them better.

As every poem is but one painting, I love to craft poetry collections that are larger workings of art and fuller reflections of life. My first collection is seeking publication now.

By following me, you join me in my journey towards publishing such work, and you join me in my journey of both expansion and honing- sharpening my natural stylistic strengths and thematic emphases while also gaining new ones.