Christian School Kid

Child of the dark, given a magic prayer and some commands,
who picked up confusion, legalism on the way,
trying not to doubt their magical prayer,
wondering why it won’t prompt the ways they said you’d change.

Afraid to trust, forbidden to not,
unsafe on either plane,
child of fear’s of hopelessness, and as such, of shame.Read More »


I feel the cold stone ‘neath my toes,
and I feel I exist outside of me,
on the surface of this body they’ll label
“Lydia” and point to once I’m dead.

My eyes close. I stare at my eyelids,
and now I feel I’m inside of me-
Oh help! Please someone,
get me out!

I inside and outside of me…
Is me my body? Then who I am?
Me might be nothing, for that’s what I see
every single time I blink.

I open my eyes and see that my toesRead More »